Join DAEG, the Parent Support Group for Idea Students!

DAEG is a non-profit organization and your contributions are tax-deductible.

Join DAEG to promote challenging educational opportunities for gifted children and excellent education for all students in Darien. Membership is open to all. We encourage parents of children in the Idea Program to take advantage of DAEG.

Help us celebrate 40+ years of the Idea program by joining DAEG today at the $40 membership level, or please consider making another contribution!

Sign up for DAEG by clicking on, printing and mailing the DAEG Membership Form OR by clicking on the donate button to pay via credit card. If paying online, please add in the comment section "Instructions to Seller" (following credit card information) your Family Name and Address (and Idea Student name if relevant). Such details will ensure we properly record your membership dues and/or donation.

Please feel free to either pay dues or make a donation in the amount of your choosing. Thank You!