Barbara Harrington Grant Information

The Barbara Harrington Fund was established in 1984 by Darien Advocates for Education of the Gifted (DAEG) to honor Barbara Harrington, retired Darien teacher and founder of The Idea Program for gifted students in Darien. The Fund is supported by contributions from DAEG members.

Who is eligible?
All teachers in the Darien public schools may apply for grants related to extracurricular enrichment programs.

To see specific grants recently awarded, please click on Grant Awards.

Grant Amounts
Typically $200 to $1000. We may provide partial support for higher cost projects.

What costs will the grants cover?
Tuition or workshop fees; development work; materials.

What activities do we support?
* Study and projects that enhance teaching, extend curriculum, and enrich the classroom.
* Materials collected for the classroom.
* Teacher courses, conferences, workshops and conventions (beyond in-service training) that enhance your teaching.
* Research and development for enrichment within the regular classroom, such as special projects and unusual field trips that encourage higher level thinking skills.
* Development for extracurricular programs in your specialty that challenge and enrich students.

What activities are not eligible for grants?
* Purchase of equipment.
* Credit courses in graduate or post-graduate degree programs.
* Travel expenses, such as transportation or room and board.